Rule 17 – Schedule Of Fees And Payments


Only full-year memberships are offered by the Club, i.e. there are no monthly memberships or half-year memberships available, even though monthly payments or semi-annual payments towards the full-year membership may be allowed.  Any variance must be approved by the Board of Directors.  The following payment options are available to Adult (senior), Spouse, Youth Adult, Family Youth Adult, Full-Time Student, and Senior Citizen memberships only.  All other members initiation fees, annual dues are due upon application for membership, or the first day of the membership year (May 1), whichever is applicable.


Payment Options:

Existing Members   

(a) Full payment of annual dues due May 1; or,

(b) 50% + interest of amount (a) due May 1 plus post-dated cheque, Visa,  M/C, or pre-authorized Debit Plan for remaining 50% plus interest charge due October 1; or,

(c) Credit card, or pre-authorized Debit Plan for monthly amounts dated the first day of each month to be presented to the Club on May 1.

(d) Dues can be pro-rated from November 1.  The pro-rated option is available only once per member.


New  Members 

Upon application for membership:

(a) Full amount of annual dues are pro-rated to April 30; or,

(b) Credit card or pre-authorized Debit Plan for semi- annual or monthly amounts to cover up to April 30.

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