Spring Camp 2024


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Spring Camp is a great program to have your child learn and practice badminton consistently for 4 days. With constant repetition in a short time frame, your child will improve quicker.

Level Cost Day (S) Time Start Day End Date Notes
Beginners (Max 12) $120 Mon – Thurs 11:30am-1:30pm Mar 25, 2024 Mar 28, 2024 Pricing excludes tax


(Max 12)

$132 Mon – Thurs 1:30pm – 3:30pm Mar 25, 2024 Mar 28, 2024 Pricing excludes tax


Beginners (Age: 8-14) Max Size: 12People
Like our regular group sessions, the beginner class focuses on the foundation of badminton. The students are taught basic shots such as clears, drops, net. Movements on court such as footwork is heavily emphasized. The rules and game play will also be taught and exercised.

Intermediate (Age: 8-14) Max Size: 12people
In this class, all students should know the rules and basic techniques to be able to perform a rally.  More rally drills will be demonstrated along with footwork drills being intensified.

Terms & Conditions
1) No refund or credit can be issued after the second class under any circumstances
2) 50% refund can be issued if student decides to withdraw from the group before the start of the
second session