Personal Training

The solution to safe exercise and staying motivated!

There are big advantages to having an exercise program custom designed to address your fitness goals, whether you would like to lose a little fat, put on a bit of muscle, or you want to increase your speed for your game.

The type of exercise that is chosen, the number of times your repeat the exercise, and the speed you do the exercise would all change depending on your goals.  You would also learn how to do the exercise correctly, so that you gain maximum benefit from your time in the gym.  It is easy to do exercises incorrectly, which can lead to injury.

An advantage of ongoing personal training is you are making regular appointments with a trainer, meaning that you will stick to your exercise program, and therefore you WILL get results.  You will never be bored with your program because the trainer will always be changing your exercises to keep you challenged and having fun.

Whatever your goals may be, you will benefit from the motivation and scientific expertise provided by one of our personal trainers and conditioning specialists:

  • Sports specific training
  • Fat loss and weight management
  • Bodybuilding, body shaping, toning
  • Cardiovascular/heart rate training
  • General fitness
  • High performance athletic training

Please contact the office for more details.