VRC Communicable Disease Prevention Plan

(as recommended by WorkSafeBC)


As we navigate through the pandemic, our goal is to keep our members and staff safe.

COVID-19 Safety Plans have been developed and implemented to prevent the spread of communicable diseases in our facility.  In addition, we have developed a Communicable Disease Prevention Plan as recommended by WorkSafeBC.  The Plan is as follows:


Monitoring and reviewing information issued by the PHO:

  • The Executive Director and COVID Task Force actively monitors news updates from the PHO, BC Health Authority, BC Centre for Disease Control, WorkSafe BC and ViaSport.


Measures, practices, and policies adopted to reduce the risk:

  • Cleaning and Hygiene: VRC will continue to clean public spaces and sanitize high touch areas daily.
  • Instruct staff to constantly monitor for symptoms of communicable diseases.
  • Instruct staff to stay home and follow BC Centre for Disease Control for isolation if they have symptoms of a communicable disease, with pay.
  • Signage to remind workers to wash their hands regularly and to cover coughs and sneezes.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are available throughout the club and office.
  • Office staff sanitize their workspace when transitioning from one person to another.
  • Plexiglass barriers are available to seperate office and bar staff from customers.
  • Masks are available to be worn by all staff in common areas, unless eating and/or drinking.
  • Employees are given time off to receive vaccinations for COVID-19 and to stay home if reactions occur.


Additional measures in place in case of elevated risk:

  • Reduce overlapping shifts where possible.
  • Work at alternate locations in the club, for example, the lounge, the bar, the office.
  • Work from home whenever is possible.


Communication Strategy:

  • Post plans on club website.
  • Post signage at the front door, office, janitorial staff areas, where appropriate.
  • Update staff at weekly meetings or as necessary.


Monitoring and Continual Improvement

  • The office will ensure measures are functioning properly, followed, and maintained.
  • The office will continually monitor the guidance, orders, and recommendations from the PHO, BC Health Authority, BC Centre for Disease Control, WorkSafe BC, and ViaSport.
  • Staff will be updated accordingly.