Squash Booking Rules

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In an attempt to reduce the number of prime time courts sitting empty, especially when there are members unable to book and use these courts, the Board has voted to implement a booking restriction.

Members are permitted to use ‘Guest’ on only one of their two allowed future prime-time bookings.

This is because too often all the prime-time courts are being booked out on spec using ‘Guest’ very quickly after midnight 1 week in advance, then 4 or 5 courts get cancelled after 4pm or 5pm on the day of the booking, and they sit empty.

Further, the office monitors the cancellations and will issue warnings to those who violate the cancellation policy. The policy is that all courts must be cancelled at least by noon on the day of the booking if ‘Guest’ has not been converted to another members name.

For more details, go to: Quick-Draws