Booking Instructions

To Sign Up:

  • Click here to make a booking. This will bring you to the booking system web page, Game Time.
  • Once you are on the Game Time website, choose the tab First Time User? and fill in your last name and Club Number. Use your membership ID for the Club Number.
    Please contact us for your membership ID.
  • From there, you can create your own username and password to use for signing in.

To Make a Booking:

  • Once you have signed-in to Game Time, select your sport/activity using the green bar at the top of the page. You should be able to see the bookings for the current day.
  • Use the menu at the top to navigate to the desired booking day.
  • To make a booking, click on an available booking time (in light yellow).
  • Fill out information for Badminton/Squash booking:
    • Type – Invite (Game Seeker) will indicate that you are looking for another player, and the booking slot will be orange.
    • Players – Select players by searching their last name. Make sure to use the drop-down menu displayed. If you are unable to add a player it is likely because they have exceeded their booking privileges.
      Only members included in the booking will be granted access to the club.
  • Click Book at the bottom of the page to finalize booking.
    A pop up at the top of the page will confirm your booking. The participant’s name(s) will be displayed on the booking page.
  • To edit or delete a booking, hover your mouse over booked time and click Edit on the top right corner. Remember to save once completed
    • For Badminton: To change from a booked singles court to doubles, you must delete your singles booking and re-book with as doubles instead.