Badminton Booking System

(Updated July 8, 2021)
Starting Wednesday July 14, badmionton booking through Gametime booking system will no longer be required.  It will be replaced by our pre-pandemic Court Rotating/Racquet Waiting system.


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Booking Rules: (these rules are in effect until July 13 @ 11:59PM)

  • A booking on GameTime booking system is required to be in the badminton hall.
  • Players no longer play exclusively on the particular court that they have booked.  Rotating play is in effect when racquets are waiting.  Minimum two racquets are required to be in rotation queue.  Players must rotate off after one game, or 10 minutes if hitting shots.
  • Up to 3 players can book a Singles court, up to 5 players can book a Doubles court.  Please continue to play within your “group” that you booked with.  The spare player must maintain social distancing while off-court.
  • For example, at the 10am court time, players who are booked will play on any court on a first come first serve basis.  If all courts are occupied, others booked for that time may hang their racquets as a court waiting.
  • Please designate only one player to retrieve your hanging racquets.  This will minimize congestion around the hanging racquets.
  • Minimum two names are required to book a court.
  • Maximum 2 future bookings, 6 days in advance, starting at 8am the day before, for all facilities total.
    • Last minute or Back to Back bookings on the same day do not count toward this quota.
  • No Back to Back for ALL facilities except for same day bookings.
  • JUNIORS (Badminton or Squash) can play Monday-Friday till 6pm, Saturday & Sunday till 7pm.
  • DAYTIME ONLY can play Monday-Friday till 3pm, no Saturday and Sunday.
  • EARLY BIRD can play Monday-Friday till 9am, no Saturday and Sunday.
  • We have seen an increase in members not showing up for their bookings or cancelling so late that the booking is unusable.  To encourage members to not waste booking times we have implemented the following rules:
    • No Shows – If you do not check-in in the booking system for your booking you will be considered a no-show and subject to the penalties below.
    • Late Cancellations – Bookings must be cancelled 4 hours in advance of the booking time.  Those not cancelled 4 hours in advance will be considered a “no-show” and subject to the penalties below:
    • Penalties for No-shows and Late Cancellations:
      • 1st offence – warning via e-mail
      • 2nd offence – 1 week suspension of booking privileges
      • 3rd offence – 2 week suspension of booking privileges
  • Playing times will be restricted as follows:
Time Court #1 to 6
Monday to Friday 7:00am – 4:00pm 1 hour 15 minutes
Monday to Friday 4:00pm – 11:45pm 1 hour 45 minutes
Saturday & Sunday All day 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Badminton Court #7 reserved for lessons.  Contact coaches directly.