Friday Night Drop-In (Member Guests Allowed)

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or a stellar player – in shape or not – young or old – Friday Night Drop-In is a great casual way to enjoy the game and meet new members.

This is especially designed for new members to integrate into the club
, or existing members to meet potential new partners.  You’ll meet other players (new and existing) of the same level and have a lot of fun playing different people.  It’s also an ideal time for new members to get assessed by our squash pro, Josh Struthers, and learn about all the programs for the upcoming season if you would like to; just email Josh and let him know you will be attending.  Any existing member who’d like to show up to help out, please let Josh know.

Several courts are booked off each Friday starting at 6:00pm.  Each person writes their name on the white board by the courts when they arrive.  When a court becomes available you play the next person on the list.  Play 1 game to 15 if it is busy or 2 games to 11 if it is not.  When you come off the court re-add your name to the list and repeat the process.  Then head to the bar for bragging and socializing.

All members and member guests are welcome!

Guests are welcome to join in when accompanied by a member.  Guest rules and fees apply.  Guest Privileges can be found HERE.