SUMMER CAMPS are Finally Here and Registration is Now Open!

Dates: Aug 12-16th Beginners & Intermediate Levels – MAX 16 players

Aug 19 – 23rd  Advanced Level – MAX 12 players

VRC Summer camps is a great program to have your child learn and practice badminton consistently for 5 days. With constant repetition in a short time frame, your child will improve quicker.

Beginners (Age: 8-14) Max Size: 16 people

  • Like our regular group sessions, the beginner class focuses on the foundation of badminton.
  • The students are taught basic shots such as clears, drops, net.
  • Movements on court such as footwork is heavily emphasized. The rules and game play will also be taught and exercised.

Intermediate (Age: 8-14) Max Size: 16 people

  • In this class, all students should know the rules and basic techniques to be able to perform a rally.
  • More rally drills will be demonstrated along with footwork drills being intensified.

Advanced (Age: 12-18) Max Size: 12 people

  • For students who wishes to compete at a regional to national level.
  • There will be two sessions for this class that combines both physical and technical training.
  • Players in this class are expected at the level from the current kaboom or kaboom II classes.

    Beginners (Max 16) $150 Mon – Fri 11:30am – 1:30pm Aug 12th Aug 16th Pricing excludes tax
    Intermediate (Max 16) $165 Mon – Fri 1:30pm – 3:30pm Aug 12th Aug 16th Pricing excludes tax
    Advanced (Max 12) $310 Mon – Fri 12:00pm – 3:30pm Aug 19th Aug 23rd Pricing excludes tax

Sign up via email will require the following information to be filled out:

  • Subject: [Name] – [Level Desired] – Summer Camp Registration
  • Please answer the following information for your child attending camp:
      • Age:
      • Name:
      • Current VRC membership# (if any): 
      • Desired Level:
      • Currently in group lessons? level?: 

Please Email us for Registration

Terms & Conditions

  1. No refund or credit can be issued after the second class under any circumstances.
  2. 50% refund can be issued if student decides to withdraw from the group before the start of the second session.

We look forward to seeing you soon in August!