Rule 9 – Badminton


The Badminton Director(s) may make such decisions concerning the allocation of the courts as are considered to be in the best interest of the Club and the game of Badminton.



Courts may be reserved by placing racquets on the rack provided.  The racquets of two players not then on the courts are required to reserve a court for singles and the racquets of four players not then on the courts are required to reserve for doubles.  You cannot hang racquet(s) unless you have enough players to make a court. When finishing a game, your racquet(s) must go up on the next available hook. You cannot join a group already waiting.



If less than 4 players wish to play doubles, they may hang their racquets on the next open pegs.  If a court comes open before this group has obtained the necessary 4 racquets, the next complete group in line will claim the court and the incomplete group will move their racquets over to the just vacated pegs.  Groups completed by players who have just vacated the court may not take that vacated court, but must wait for the NEXT available court.

No person should hang a racquet for a player that is currently playing on court


  1. From 3 pm weekdays and all day Saturday and Sunday all players must play 1 game to 21 (rally point scoring system) whenever players have racquets hanging in the queue.
  2. Games that started before a queue formed will continue to the end of the game using the scoring system they are already using.  However, players must come off at the end of that game and use 1-to-21 rally point scoring for subsequent games so long as there are racquets hanging in the queue.
  3. During these times players are permitted to drill for 10 minutes if they are not playing a game and then must come off the court.
  4. Pre-game warm-ups must be limited to 3 minutes when players are waiting in queue for courts.


Players using courts for practicing shots or drills must limit total court time to 10 minutes including warm-up when there is a queue and then re-queue.


Juniors can play during adult priority time if no adults are waiting.  Juniors with senior playing privileges, when taking part in a junior coaching or training program which utilizes courts designated as having junior priority, may not, during said junior coaching or training program, utilize courts designated as adult priority unless no adults are waiting.


If you hit a shuttle onto the adjacent court you must wait until play stops before you retrieve your shuttle.


Wait until the play stops to walk behind, beside, or between courts.


If adults are waiting during adult priority times, courts designated as having adult priority, containing any juniors without senior playing privileges, must be immediately vacated.  Adults (or juniors with senior playing privileges) vacating said courts may hang their racquets on the next available peg.


If juniors are waiting during junior priority times, courts designated as having junior priority, containing any adults, must be immediately vacated.  Juniors vacating said courts may hang their racquets on the next available peg.


The Badminton Director(s) will establish annually the playing privileges of Junior members.



Coaches reserve the right to use 1 full court (i.e. courts 1-6) for coaching private lessons Monday to Friday, up to organized play warm-up time (i.e. doubles ladder, mixer night, and mixed doubles ladder).  In addition, organized play may be defined on a case by case basis by the Badminton Director(s) and be included with posted notices of court usage for any organized event.  Coaches have priority over court 6 & 7 for private lessons until 11 pm Saturdays & Sundays except during a tournament.


Coaches reserve the right to use court 7 for coaching Monday to Friday, up to the start of organized play: Monday Doubles Ladder at 8 pm, Wednesday Mixer Night at 8 pm, Thursday Mixed Ladder at 8 pm.

When not being used for coaching, court 7 can be used by any member (single or multiple members).  If court 7 is in use, waiting players must sign up the sheet provided beside the court.  Play is limited to 10 minutes as soon as the name is written down on the sign-up sheet.  Players must rotate with other players when time is up.

Badminton Hall:


Food or drink are not permitted in the badminton hall, except water in water bottles.


Cellular phones or other electronic items must be placed on silent mode.  If these items distract other players, they are not permitted in the badminton hall.  A $50.00 fine may be imposed for abuse of this rule.


No chewing gum or candy on the court.


Members will be fined $10.00 for bringing food and/or drinks other than water in water bottles, into the badminton hall. (see rule 18.04)


9.17 All members and guests must wear non-marking, clean indoor court shoes while on court.  Clean indoor shoes are mandatory in the fitness area.  No street shoes are permitted in the fitness area or on court.


Proper attire – shirts must be worn.  No tank tops. Refer to 15.01.


Shoe tags must be visible on the shoes that a member is wearing while on court or in the Fitness Area. Players may be requested to display their shoe tags if it’s not visible. A shoe tag replacement fee of $25.00 will be charged.

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