Rule 10 – Squash Booking Rules

Booking Privileges  

  • Adults, Spouses, Students, Youth, & Senior Citizens: All Squash courts 7:00 am – 11:00pm
  • Juniors: All Squash courts Weekdays 7am – 5:30pm, Weekends anytime
  • Daytime Only: All Squash courts 9:00am – 3:15pm
  • Early Bird: All Squash courts 7:00am – 9:15am
  • Doubles Only: Doubles Squash court 7:00 am – 11:00pm


The Squash Director(s) may make such decisions concerning the allocation of the courts as are considered to be in the best interest of the club and the game of squash.  They can also modify the booking rules to ensure fair usage of all courts.


Squash courts can be booked seven (7) days plus 2 hours in advance starting at 10 pm.  Up to 2 prime time courts may be booked to a maximum of one on a given day, and up to 5 non-prime time courts may be booked, up to a maximum of 2 on a given day.  A 6th (last minute) court can be booked if it is within 4 hours of the booking.

Prime Time:
All Singles Courts from 4:45 pm to 8:30 pm inclusive, Monday – Friday
Doubles Court from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm inclusive, Monday – Friday


You have up to 48 hours prior to your booking to fill in remaining player(s) names.  Failing to do so will automatically cancel your court and make it available to all members.  You will receive a reminder email 1 hour in advance of the cancellation.


Prompt cancellation of all bookings that cannot be used is mandatory for all members so that others may make use of the court times.


If a court is not claimed by the designated players 10 minutes after the starting time, the reservation is forfeited.  Two players must be present to claim a singles court and three to claim a doubles court.


Cellular phones or other items that may distract other players are not permitted on court.  $50.00 fine may be imposed for abuse of this rule.


All players must specifically wear proper court shoes that are clean and non-marking on court.


Your shoe tag must be visible on your shoes while on court or in the Fitness Area.  Players may be requested to display their shoe tags if it’s not visible.  There is a fee for replacement shoe tags.


Approved eye guards are mandatory for Juniors, and for adults playing doubles:

  • Approved eye guards are strongly recommended for adult players for Singles play
  • Regular glasses are not considered appropriate eye guards
  • Approved protective eye guards must be worn over regular glasses


The board may, at its discretion, issue a warning, a fine, or suspend booking privileges for violating the Booking Rules or playing privileges.

Court Booking System: SportyHQ

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