Rule 6 – Guest Privileges


An adult member may introduce up to two playing guests per month, one at a time.  The same person may not play more than once a month or 6 times in a year.  Summer members are not allowed to bring guests.  


Juniors members are not permitted to bring playing guests.  Juniors, who are not members, can be playing guests of an adult member but are restricted to court priority schedule.


A playing guest may be introduced to the Club by any member in good standing, except by Independent and Family Juniors, and may only be introduced under the playing privileges available to the member introducing the guest, except as in 6.02


The playing guest must be signed in and the guest fee must be paid prior to the commencement of play.  Guests are not permitted to play without the sponsoring member present on club premises.


Except as provided in Rules 6.01 and 6.02 hereof, no person who is not a member in good standing of the Club shall be given playing privileges without the prior authorization of the Executive Director.


Social guests may be introduced an unlimited number of times, but must be signed in the guest book by a member in good standing and may not make use of the Club’s sauna, steam room, fitness area, playing facilities or change rooms.  No guest fee is required.  Juniors may introduce social guests.


Members will be fined $50.00 for not registering a guest, for not paying the guest fee, or for not complying with the guest rules.