Rule 11 – General


Locker Rooms – Members are to keep locker rooms and other areas of the Club as clean as possible and remove towels and other articles after play.


Posters and Signs – No signs or posters shall be posted on any of the Bulletin Boards without the approval of the Executive Director.  No signs shall be posted on any other surface in the Club other than the Bulletin Board unless approved by the Executive Director.


Lost and Found – All lost and found clothing will be stored outside the squash courts.  Any item of value such as wallets, watches, rings etc. will be kept in the office.  All property left in the Club which is not claimed by the owner within one month shall be disposed of as the Executive Director sees fit.


Smoking – Smoking in the club is not permitted.


Cellular phones or other electronic items that distract other players are not permitted in the badminton hall, the Squash courts or in the Fitness Area.  Turn them off before entering.  $50.00 fine may be imposed for abuse of the rule.


Shoe Tags – Shoe tags must be visible when players are on court or in the Fitness Area. Players may be requested to display their shoe tags if it’s not visible. A shoe tag replacement fee will be charged for a replacement.


Animal Policy – Pets will be permitted in the club only for medical or related reasons upon written approval by the Executive Director. All pets must be kept outside away from the front door and bar patio.


E-Mails/Telephone Solicitation – The unauthorized use of member’s email or telephone numbers as a form of mass communication considered to be annoying, harassing or solicitous in nature and undesired by the recipients is not permitted.

First offence: $100 fine.

Second offence could lead to suspension of membership.


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