Tallman Cup Spring Doubles League 2022

(for current members only)


To Sign Up …

Entry deadline – Friday, April 29, 2022 @ 5 pm!!!


After 3 years, we are pleased to announce the 2022 edition of The Tallman Cup In House Doubles League!

For those of you unfamiliar with The Tallman Cup, it is a competitive league where you will be matched with players of the same ability.  It is a short season with 6  league matches and then playoffs.  Winning team gets to claim the trophy and their names go on trophy!  (Who doesn’t want to get their name on a trophy?)  Think Stanley Cup, Super Bowl and Grey Cup all wrapped up in one!!  Exciting, right!

Sign up online!  It’s that easy!!  Entries limited to 32 players maximum.  Entry fee is $10 which goes toward prizes.  Only the 32 selected players will be charged the $10 entry fee.

Players should be playing at an “A” or “B” level.  Female and Male players welcome!  If more than 32 players sign up, only the top 32 players will be selected to play in the league.  Josh and 4 Captains will be involved in this process.

An In-House League for Level “B” and “C” players is being planned for a later date.

Please note that matches will be played on Wednesdays and some Fridays this year, starting Wednesday, May 4th.   The Finals will be held on Friday, June 21st.

Please make sure you are available for most Wednesdays, so that Captains can arrange competitive matches with players of similar abilities.

There will be 4 teams of 8 players.  4 players from each team will be selected to play each week.  Players must play a minimum of 2 times during the season to be eligible for playoffs.

Questions?  Email Geoff Williams