Proof of Relationship

Proof of Relationship (having been common-law or spouse for at least two years) include:

  • Proof of joint ownership of residential property
  • Proof of joint accounts
    • joint credit card or bank accounts
    • joint utility accounts (e.g. electricity, gas, telephone, internet)
  • Vehicle insurance showing that both of you have been declared to the insurance company as residents of the insured’s address
  • Leases or rental agreements showing both of you as occupants of a lease/rental property
  • Copies of government issued documents showing the same address, e.g. driver’s license
  • Other documents issued to you or your partner/spouse showing the same address, whether the accounts are held jointly or not.  For example:
    • cell phone bills
    • pay stubs
    • tax forms
    • bank or credit card statements
    • insurance policies