Fitness Orientation

Are you using the gym equipment safely? 

Are you sure you are utilizing each piece of equipment optimally ?

Are you new to the gym at the VRC?

These questions can be answered by attending:


VRC members have access to attend a FREE orientation to learn how to use all of the equipment including cardiovascular machines, cable systems, free-weights, resistance machines, and accessory equipment in order to perform exercises SAFELY and with PROPER FORM.

This is beneficial for those that have had no or little experience with gym equipment and need a kick start in their fitness routine.  A registered Kinesiologist will be available to review proper utilization of the equipment as well as individual set-up on each of the machines as well as answering any of your questions that you may have with the weight room or health fitness programs.

Using the equipment at the VRC gym properly will decrease your chances of injury, in addition to setting the appropriate example of appropriate gym etiquette.

If you have any questions regarding the orientation, please do not hesitate to contact the office.