Executive Director

Executive Director

Posting Date: September 8, 2022

Anticipated Start Date: TBD

Applications: now accepted; see link below.

The Club:

The Vancouver Racquets Club (VRC) is a registered Non-Profit Society established in 1953.

We are conveniently located in central Vancouver and boasts six badminton courts, six squash courts (one doubles and five singles), a fitness centre, saunas, steam room, locker rooms, showers, pro shop, food, bar and limited health services.

There are over 1,000 members who enjoy badminton, fitness, squash and a vibrant social life at the club. Members have access to high quality coaching, a wide range of programs from recreational to competitive levels and hosts an array of tournaments, including the Club Championships.

New Mission

Play for everyone! As a not-for-profit organization, our mission is to provide affordable Squash, Badminton and Fitness facilities to enable the lifelong pursuit of wellness, fair play and athletic excellence to serve a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming community.

New Vision

Our vision is to make VRC the best place to be and play, by providing an exceptional member experience through extensive services and an outstandingly friendly, social culture.

New Core Values

  • Revenue responsible, so our membership continues to be affordable.
  • Safe, so we can play without fear.
  • Respectful, so we can treat each other right.

New Strategic Objectives

  • Staff – Create and apply an organizational plan to increase, improve and strengthen our overall staff and management.
  • Systems – Implement more efficient, integrated systems.
  • Revenue – Explore revenue-generating opportunities and manage accountability.


The Position:

The Executive Director role will report to the Board of Directors. The Executive Director will bring to life the VRC’s mission, vision and values while developing and applying an operational plan to execute on the strategic objectives.

The Executive Director shall:

manage all aspects of the VRC including activities and relationships between the VRC and its Board of Directors, members, employees, guests, community, government and industry ensure that the brand and reputation of the VRC continues to be strong provide strong and clear leadership to staff and affiliates and be responsible for managing all facets of the Club’s operations

The Vancouver Racquets Club is seeking an Executive Director who is dedicated, passionate and skillful.

The Executive Director will be responsible for the following:

Member Experience:

  • Develop and deliver a positive and value-added member experience.
  • Manage all aspects of the VRC’s activities to ensure and maintain high standards and quality of activities and service.
  • Ensure all new club members are warmly welcomed and oriented to the VRC.
  • Be visible and accessible to our members, staff and affiliates.


  • Develop and implement an operational plan
  • Create and apply an organizational plan to increase, improve and strengthen staff and management
  • Review and implement new, integrated office and VRC computer systems
  • Explore and implement revenue-generating initiatives
  • Monitor long and short-term financial objectives
  • Prepare and execute the financial plan
  • Monitor and stay current with industry trends and ensure VRC implements improvements as required.
  • Develop and implement an Annual Business Plan in the context of the Strategic Plan.
  • Regularly update the Board on progress relative to both the Strategic and Annual Business Plans.
  • Ensure compliance with all legal and regulatory matters affecting the VRC.
  • Ensure that the VRC is operating in a fiscally responsible manner


  • Maintain and develop a management philosophy that recognizes our people are a key part of the foundation of the Club’s success in delivering a great membership experience and competitive advantage.
  • Actively promote a positive work environment where teamwork is emphasized.
  • Develop and monitor Human Resource policies consistent with the Board’s desire to treat employees fairly at all times and be compliant with all laws/regulations/union contracts.
  • Manage and clearly define direct reports’ goals and objectives. Provide consistent feedback towards continuous improvement, and ensure appropriate personal development occurs, while incorporating succession planning for all key leadership roles.
  • Be visible and approachable to all employees.
  • Work collaboratively with the Board, staff and affiliates.


  • Provide quality and timely communication with the VRC President, Board, members, employees and affiliates.
  • Ensure that the VRC website, bulletin boards and signage are clear and up-to-date
  • Provide a monthly newsletter to members of past and upcoming events and activities


  • Ensure that the VRC is operating in compliance with all laws and regulations
  • Familiar with the BC Societies Act and Regulations
  • Ensure that the VRC is operating beyond legal compliance, and also adhering to the highest ethical standards possible.
  • Organize and run all aspects of an AGM

Board Support

  • Provides the Board with the resources it needs for running well-organized and documented meetings
  • Act as a liaison between the Board and staff, members, and stakeholders
  • Inform the Board of operational and organizational needs, changes, issues and areas of concern
  • Provide insightful financial, budget and planning reports to the Board


Profile of the Executive Director

The successful candidate will have the following attributes:

Leadership Skills

  • person of Integrity, trustworthy
  • strong communication and organizational skills
  • clear, decisive, able to follow up and follow through
  • able to investigate, inquire and problem solve complex issues
  • able to motivate and lead by example
  • able to provide feedback, direction and expectations in clear and respectful ways
  • respectful and professional in all interpersonal interactions and communication

Standard of Care

  • able to consistently deliver high standards of service, facilities & communication
  • ensure that VRC has a high standard of health and safety measures

Interpersonal Skills

  • possesses strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • able to collaborate professionally, efficiently and effectively with all stakeholders
  • able to listen, understand various perspectives and navigate complex issues to bring to a resolution
  • able to problem solve, seeking the best outcome possible for everyone involved
  • role model of integrity, respect, honesty, ethical conduct, leadership and commitment to the VRC
  • able to work independently and collaboratively with all stakeholders
  • has a positive attitude and disposition
  • works with and for the VRC membership
  • exudes confidence, diplomacy and competence
  • is professional, a “doer” and takes charge and responsibility
  • embraces accountability for self and for staff

Business Skills:

  • able to balance and execute operational duties and effectively carrying out Board direction
  • able to manage multiple projects
  • strong business management skills (office and club operations, finance, information technology, human resources, capital planning, risk management and performance management
  • proven track record on increasing a range of revenue generating avenues for a club
  • experience with racquet sports, fitness and food and beverage businesses
  • able to be strategic on staff recruitment and retention


  • A post-secondary degree in business or a related discipline is preferred.

Experience and Accreditation:

  • Experience in senior leadership or management roles
  • Experience in the hospitality, customer service industry beneficial
  • Experience reporting to a Board of Directors
  • A Certified Club Manager designation (CCM) is an asset

Interview process will begin as early as September 30, 2022. Position will remain open until filled.

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

Salary: $80,000.00-$120,000.00 per year

To apply, please visit Indeed: https://ca.indeed.com/job/executive-director-119ed07cea1775d9