Wednesday Mixer Night

A great opportunity to meet new players, enjoy a few games of doubles and have some fun.  As most foursome will have a variety of playing abilities, please be considerate of others.  Please try to assist new players with their court etiquette and encourage them in their games.
This is not meant to be a highly competitive night.

 To ensure that everyone has a fun evening, please adhere to the following rules:

 All six courts are reserved for the Mixer Night from 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm.

No other play is allowed for this time.

  1. Player must sign up on the Mixer Box on the black board and play 1 game of 21 rally points (with setting) doubles with a group of 4.
  1. After completing one game, the foursome must come off court.  Each player in the foursome must sign up again in the space of the next available box.

i)  If the current box has 1 name, only 2 players from the same foursome can sign up, leaving the box with 3 players.  It is up to the group to find another player to make-up the foursome.

ii)  If the current box has 2 names, only 2 players from the same foursome can play.

iii)  If the current box has 3 names, only 1 player from the same foursome can play.

iv)  If the current box has 4 names and a foursome is coming off court, 2 players from the foursome will sign-up in the new box and the other players will sign-up in the next box.

v)  If a player/s missed a turn or two, player/s can join in any box provided they have not played previously as a foursome.

vi)  Each player must sign for the current box. A player cannot sign up other players.


  • A new box cannot begin until the existing box is completed with 4 players.
  • There will be no queue jumping or player/s waiting to sign-up for a better foursome.
  • The sign-up is on a first come first serve basis.
  • The idea is to encourage player/s to play with different foursome throughout the night.
  • It is possible for the same twosome to play together throughout the night provided they do not play with same twosome they have previously played or throughout the night.
  • A warning will be given to any player/s breaking the rules for the first time.  If the player/s does not follow the rules, they will be pulled off the court and re-assign to play with a different foursome.
  • If a foursome wants to play together throughout the night, then they have to play before 8.00pm or after 10.00pm but not during the mixer night.
  1.  A supervisor will be present to run the Mixer Night.