Women’s Squash Week 2023

VRC is excited to announce our 2023 Women’s Squash Week events! 

Information and registration links for each event are included below.

Womens Only Drop In (WODI) and Skills Clinic
For VRC MEMBERS only – Squash, Badminton or Fitness Members
Wednesday, Sep 20th @ 6-9pm

Join us for WODI at VRC!  Get on court with VRC’s squash coaches, for an Intro & Refresher Clinic.  Reacquaint yourselves with other members and feel the burn in a fun round of Queen of the Court.  Finish the night at the bar for some socializing.  Prepare yourself for the upcoming start of the league!

Register at https://clublocker.com/tournaments/15423

Women’s Friday Night Doubles (FND) and Squash 57

For VRC MEMBERS only – Squash, Badminton or Fitness Members

Friday, Sept 22nd @ 6-9pm

Join us for a fun night of Women’s Doubles and try out another style of squash, Squash 57!

Friday Night Doubles (FND) is a weekly tradition at VRC and Sept 22nd will be a Women’s Invitational Event.  Come out and watch some great doubles play!

Court 2 will be available to try out Squash 57, another style of squash, with racquets and balls available.  A brief intro to Squash 57 can be found here: https://www.worldsquash.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Squash-57-Rules-Poster-1.pdf

Register at https://clublocker.com/tournaments/15457/info

Open House
For ALL – both members and non-members
Saturday, Sep 23rd @ 12-3pm

Join us for a fun filled afternoon and an opportunity to experience squash at VRC!  Watch an Exhibition Match with commentary from Tasha Doucas, past chair of SquashBC.  Buddy Up with another player while being mentored by an experienced VRC squash member.  Get your adrenaline going with rounds of speed squash in Queen of the Castle.  Relax at the bar, mingle with VRC’s members at the Afternoon Social, and get a chance to win one of the great draw prizes!

Register at https://clublocker.com/tournaments/15424

Pre-registration is required for all events as spots are limited.

SPREAD THE WORD and tell your friends, family members, coworkers and partners about our Open House!  If you have any questions feel free to contact us at jenn.arntorp@gmail.com