Women’s Squash Week 2022

Calling all FEMALE RACQUET LOVERS!! Back again is “Women’s Squash Week” (WSW). This is a great opportunity for you to bring out your girlfriends, sisters, daughters or mums to a squash open house at VRC.

What is WSW? Women’s Squash Week (WSW) was developed by Squash BC. It is a province wide special event for girls and women to try out the #1 healthiest sport in the world, and to encourage those who have taken a break to get back on court.

We’ll be hosting 3 events. Pre-registration is required for the Wednesday and Saturday events.

  1. WEDNESDAY SEPT 21 from 6-9pm – WOMEN’S DROP-IN (WODI), which is for Members only. Register on Club Locker
  • A great chance to meet new or rekindle old squash relations at the Club.
  • There will be a refresher clinic with Josh Struthers, followed by “Queen of the Court” games on all squash courts from 6-9pm.
  1. FRIDAY SEPT 23 from 6pm… – WOMEN’S FND, a doubles squash invitational to be organized by Yasmine Franchi and Gerry Takeuchi. Interested? Contact Yasmine Franchi
  • There will be a mini FND for more novice players.
  • Followed by higher stakes and skill level doubles matches.
  1. SATURDAY SEPT 24 from 12-3pm – OPEN HOUSE. This is a free event for friends, members, etc… Register on Club Locker
  • It will start with an exhibition match with a breakdown of rules and safety by our Squash Pro Josh Struthers.
  • Then participants will be split into groups based on skill level for on court practice and drills with a mentor.
  • Short games (Queen of the Court) will be played with females in your group.
  • To conclude the on court session, on the 2 glass courts, we will finish with a lighting round of best of 3 point games, where the winner stays on court, and the last 2 participants standing have a final match to determine the winner.
  • Finally you will be given the opportunity to cool down, shower or not, and convene in the “Last Serve Bar” for a complimentary refreshment and snacks with some enticing door prizes.