In House Doubles Pod League – Wednesday Nights

Time: Every Wednesday Night from 6:00pm

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We are pleased to announce that we are launching an in house doubles program at VRC.  The point of this programming is to offer a unique way to play and socialize in a controlled way.

Pod league will feature Boxes of 10 players playing in teams of 2 over a 5 week cycle.  The round robin format will create 1 bye each week.  The bye team can be used for spares if needed.  See sample schedule below.  Teams will be booked for a 6pm start or a 7pm start which will change from week to week so please be flexible with your Wednesdays when you sign up.  You can stay after your match to watch the next match providing you maintain distancing in the gallery.

Teams will be assigned by the Club Pro and be adjusted according to results for the next cycle.

Box 1

Week 1    1 vs 2    3 vs 4    bye 5
Week 2    2 vs 3    4 vs 5    bye 1
Week 3    1 vs 5    4 vs 2    bye 3
Week 4    1 vs 3    2 vs 5    bye 4
Week 5    1 vs 4    5 vs 3    bye 2