Bert & Greta Quartermaine Family Fund Scholarship

Next intake April 30, 2019

We are pleased to present the Bert & Greta Quartermaine Family Fund Scholarship.  In partnership with the Quartermaine Family trust and Badminton BC, the aim of this opportunity is:
1) to support athletes who express a desire to reach their full potential in the sport of badminton;
2) to reduce the burden of training and competition expenses, professional development costs for education and certification; and,
3) to provide financial assistance for athlete performance services, and secondary or post-secondary support

Established in 2016 by Bert and Greta Quartermaine long time members of the Vancouver Racquets Club and devoted badminton aficionados, this scholarship provides up to $6000 annually to four (2 female, 2 male) outstanding individuals.

As long-time VRC members, the Quartermaine’s recognize that the value of sport extends well beyond the podium.  There is a desire is to encourage and recognize youth players who have, consistently demonstrated outstanding sport values and fair play, while maintaining a strong sense of volunteerism through engaging in club activities and giving back to their community.

In this inaugural year, there will be 8 scholarships of $1500 each recognizing 4 female and 4 male badminton athletes who apply, and who meet all the criteria set out below:

Scholarship Eligibility
Opportunity for all athletes under the age of 23 who are members of Vancouver Racquets Club (VRC) and Badminton BC, and who are actively engaged in the sport and club activities.  Applicants must be a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant and permanent resident of BC.

Scholarship Criteria
To qualify for selection the applicant must:
1) Represent the Vancouver Racquets Club (VRC) in local and club events, and BC Provincial Championships;
2) Demonstrate leadership and service within the Club and greater badminton community as a volunteer, administrator, instructor, coach or official;
3) Plan to continue their badminton career at an accredited Canadian post-secondary school, at the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific; take training as a coach in the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP); enter the Officials pathway towards certification as a provincial and national level technical official;
4) Provide a letter of recommendation from a representative of the Vancouver Racquets Club, a badminton coach, official, or administrator.  The letter should address among other things the applicant’s values, commitment to fair play, development as a player, and service to sport and community;
5) Write a personal reflection on the topic of “How badminton has impacted my life.”  The reflection must be no more than 500 words in length (one page, typed).

Scholarship Selection & Awarding
A selection committee will review all applications in a highly competitive and adjudicated process.  Recipients are selected annually in May and announced in June.  The recipient must give consent to have his/her contact information provided to Badminton BC.  The award will be paid directly to the recipient.

How to Apply
Application forms are available on-line at Badminton BC.  Completed application packages should be submitted to Badminton BC.

Form Instructions
Download the form to your computer as a .doc (MS Word).  You may begin typing in the boxes to fill in the required information.  Box will expand to accommodate more information as you type.  Pressing enter will start a new line.  Double click in the box to indicate yes and no responses.

Submission Instructions
Only completed applications will be considered.  Please refer to this checklist of required documents:
– Application Form
– Letter of recommendation from badminton coach, official or administrator
– Letter of support (up to three)
– Personal reflection
Email all completed applications and attachments to  Please ensure you keep a copy for yourself.

All attachments should be in a pdf or .doc (MS Word format).  Other file formats will not be accepted.  All documents should have the applicants first and last name in the file name i.e. Quartermaine_application_LNAME_FName

Letters of Support
Letters of support should be current and discuss the following aspects of the applicant’s community service:
– Contribution to strengthening the VRC community through volunteer service (cite the activity, history of applicant’s community activities or major accomplishments)
– Special leadership qualities (ability to inspire and encourage others)
– Ability to achieve outcomes (such as a problem solved, numbers of people reached, measurable change), and
– Any extraordinary effort made by the applicant and any challenges or obstacles that were overcome in the making these.

Deadline for Applications
Applications are due by 5:00 pm on April 30th.  Additional intake in 2017 due December 15th by 5:00 pm.

More information
For further information contact Badminton BC at or 604-385-3599, and visit Badminton BC Scholarship page.