In-House Box Ladder & Lunch Box Ladder

Cost: $21 (including GST) per year for the In-House Box Ladder, Lunch Time Box Ladder or both.

No charge for the last cycle May to Mid June 2019.   Registration is available in your SportyHQ account.  Simply click JOIN NOW to sign up.

You MUST be a full time member of VRC to sign up for the In-House Box Ladder.  Daytime members can sign up for the Lunch Time Box Ladder only.

The initial boxes will be formed by VRC Ladder Rankings, so get those matches going.

All matches played are Ladder or Box matches unless stated beforehand by one that it is ONLY a friendly match.  All ladder and box matches reflect your ranking in the Club as well as your Squash BC ranking.

There will be 5 players per box on a 4-5 week cycle (Evening) and 6 players per box on a 6 week cycle (for Lunch, but may be changed).  If you miss more than one match per cycle, you will be deleted from the next cycle. (This keeps the boxes active).  Thereafter, the top 2 move up, the bottom 2 move down and the middle player remains in the same box.

If you miss more than one match, you will be deleted from the new cycle. If for some reason you could not play your box matches and wish to be removed from the next cycle, please click OPT OUT in your SportyHQ account.  You may choose OPT IN again if you are ready for the next one.


Warm Up
2 to 3 balls back to yourself then hit to you opponent
Par 11 for Men
Par 15 for Women
Both are official scoring systems and either can be used.
If changing from the above both need to agree beforehand.
Server should call the score each time when serving.
No Lets-Lets-Strokes
Seeing you are playing without a Ref, Lets should be the main call unless it is really obvious.
Enjoy your games.